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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020


Mycenaean Megaron

It was very interesting the research for the architecture of the Mycenaean Megaron because we had the opportunity to come closer to the ancient Greek architecture. We found information about the geometry and dimensions of the Grand Hall. According to these details, the model was constructed in scale in order to preserve the analogy of the building.

The basic material for the model was paperboard of one centimeter thickness. It was used to design the bearing elements of the building such as the base (floor), walls, beams and ceiling and then they were cut.

These elements were assembled alltogether in order to check on their correct dimensions.


Afterwards, these elements were cladded in paper patterns, which they were designed to fit exactly on the surfaces.  The representations and depictions of the Mycenaean Megaron were useful to search for the Mycenaean patterns, our ancestors used. The information of the Grand Hall’s wall paintings was not adequate. The archaeologists haven’t found which wall paintings were there and in which position. The position of one famous painting is known, the one that depicts two griffins and two lions- guards behind them. After research the appropriate images selected and edited in Photoshop, so that could be adjusted in the paperboard surfaces.  Then, the images were printed, cut and glued correspond to the surfaces of the model.


The pattern of the floor was found in the internet, as it was designed and adjusted to the dimensions of the model. On the contrary, the patterns of the ceiling and the beams were lack of information and we had to do more detailed research and design them from scratch.


The patterns of the ceiling were printed and glued to the ceiling paperboard part. Also, linear stripes of 2 cm thickness were printed and glued to the beams. Then these beams were attached to the ceiling in order to form the caissons.

Subsequently, horizontal elements above the main entrance were cut and cladded in printed patterns, in the same way as the beams.


Concerning the construction of the four columns, first, the parts that are attached to the beams were designed, cut and covered in patterns. Their shape was simplified and resulted in two parts for each column, one rectangular and one circular. The columns were designed in light gray cardboard. Their top diameter is larger than their base diameter as shown in the depictions. In this way the columns support heavier load from the ceiling and the beams.

The construction method is not so complicated as it sounds. We drew a trapezium, whose the length of the two parallel lines was the same to the diameters’ top and base. Each line was divided in ten equal segments and the points were joint with lines. These lines were engraved so the cardboard could curve and form the column. Finally, the outline of the column was cut and the two edges were glued.

The picture of the floor indicated the circular shape and the size of the fire pit, as well as the patterns on it’s surface. So a separate piece of cardboard was cut and its circular surface was cladded with the printed pattern of the fire pit. Then it was glued on the floor.

The throne was constructed according to a picture found in the Internet. Each side of the throne was printed and cut. We cut two rectangular pieces of paperboard that were used as the base and the seat. Another piece of paperboard was cut in the shape of the back of the throne. These three pieces  glued as shown in the photo below and made the frame of the thrown, which was covered with the printed paper.

The throne was glued on the floor in front of the famous wall painting, which was mentioned above. The outer surfaces of the walls of the Megaron were cladded with canson paper and then the walls were glued on the base of the model.  

The capitals of the columns were glued on the beams and then the columns were glued as well.

The last step was to turn upside down the cardboard of the ceiling and the cardboard with all the bearing elements (beams, capitals, columns) and assemble the model.

The ceiling is detachable in order to have better view inside the grand hall of the Megaron.